Tips on Packing Your Belongings before Move


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When you are moving to a new place, you must have some ideas about how to pack your belongings. You have to make sure that the shipment reaches the new abode on time and safely. To know more or to ensure that they reach properly, you have to use the right packaging techniques.

One of the first things that you should do is getting in touch with one of the affordable moving companies in Los Angeles. Once they take over the responsibility, you would be at peace. I am sure that a good packing and moving company would be able to transfer your items seamlessly. However, if you are hiring partial services or if moving within a budget, you should know how to pack the items the right way. After all, they are your belongings. To know more, please scroll down.

You should make sure that the packing and disassembling of the items are done the right way so that your furniture is not hampered. You should always take help from experts to get it better. Pack the additional screws and bolts in a zip lock bag so that it is easier to assemble once you reach the new house.

Secondly, you should consider the shifting of furniture in the best ways. There should be adequate padding. If you doing it on your own, use quilted blankets, old t-shirts, towels, etc.

To pack the electronics, try to find the original boxes. I am sure they are lying in the attic or the garage. If you pack the electronics in the original cartons, you don’t have to worry much. Pick the right size of boxes to carry heavy items so that they don’t break and fall! This could lead to a blunder. Pack the items with the help of packing paper. If you don’t have access to the same, use newspaper.

Use plenty of bubble wraps to ensure that the fragile items do not break or chip. You should consciously follow about protecting the corners of the mirrors. Take the help of your hired long distance moving companies in Los Angeles so that you can pack them in the right way.

Do not overload the boxes in any way!

You should check if your moving company uses a trolley or not. If not, it is better to look for other cheap movers in Los Angeles. They should be coming prepared with dollies and straps, etc.

The boxes should be labeled in a proper way so that it is easier to unpack when you reach the new abode. Color coding the boxes makes sense – use blue or the drawing-room, pink for bedroom, and alike. Boxes with delicate or fragile items should be properly marked as “Handle with care” or “Breakable”.

Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials so that you don’t have to worry about unpacking as soon as you reach the new house.

Cartons of the size 3 to 4.5 cubic foot box can be used for linens, lampshades, carpets, kitchen items, etc. Ask your chosen best long distance movers Los Angeles if they would be coming with the cartons or not.

For transferring the clothes, hang them in the closet as they are and ship them. You can also roll them and pack them in boxes.

Do not leave empty spaces in the cartons as the slightest of jerk can lead to breakage.

So these are a few tips from my side. To know more about the professional long distance movers Los Angeles, read my other blogs and articles.

Author Bio: Mia, a blogger on the best yet cheap long distance movers in Los Angeles, writes on how to pack belongings in the best ways. To choose long distance moving companies in Los Angeles, read her articles and blogs.

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