App Maker vs Coding: What’s Right For Ecommerce Business?


Mobile app maker are gaining immense popularity due to their agility and faster business solutions. The mobile apps make it easy to connect with current and attract new customers, which can help generate new revenue streams.

Having a digital presence has become more essential for every business. But customers prefer mobile apps rather than mobile websites because apps are more user-friendly, and save too much time for the complete transactional process.

Small and large business owners are looking for bespoke solutions, which means building mobile apps from scratch or using an app builder. This is high time to choose: App maker vs coding – Which one is best for your business? Let’s dig deeper into the details:

As the name suggests no coding means does not need coding skills or knowledge. You can create an app using default templates, and drag & drop elements to build a fully functional mobile app as per your business needs.

For example, MobiApp is a no-code mobile app builder for Shopify ecommerce business, an app builder that doesn’t need a coding experience and customization. With MobiApp, you can convert the Shopify store to app and build your dream mobile app via the drag-and-drop interface.

App maker is a simple and easy user-friendly online app platform without writing a single line of code. Using templates, you can edit to make a quick & unique app. App maker is a budget-friendly and time-consuming development process.

Introducing: Coding or Custom app development

Coding or custom app development requires extensive knowledge of programming languages or hand coding. Custom app development is usually a large business that wants more control over their app. As the functionality increases, the cost and time of development will lead to extra costs.

Differences Between App Maker Vs Custom Coding?

App maker and custom coding are both options available to build an app that meets your personal or business needs. There are many reasons to select between them.


App makers offer limited options to create a simple & functional app. By choosing MobiApp, you can create a highly functional ecommerce mobile app with features like unlimited push notifications, product cart, wishlist, checkout, multi-language and currency switcher, etc.

For advanced features, custom coding is the best option. An expert developer builds a highly customized and sophisticated mobile application based on your needs.


The first question that comes to mind is How much time takes to build an app?

In app maker, you only need to select the template and in just a few clicks app will be ready. It’s a fast & zero coding skills app builder.

As compared to app maker, it’s a very lengthy process depending on the development and business requirements.


Affordable. App makers offer subscriptions plan or a monthly fee depending on the features.

Expensive. App developers may cost limitless because they can code anything you need for your business. 

Pros and Cons: App Maker

Pros of app maker

  • No code: The best for users who don’t know the coding or programming language. With mobile app builder, users create fully functional and customised responsive user interfaces for both platforms, like Android & iOS.
  • Affordable: Low code app maker is cheaper. App maker is the best choice for small, medium businesses and startups, that have a limited budget.
  • Quick to launch: No code app builder solution has customized templates to meet your needs. App maker takes a minimum development time and launches in hours.
  • Cross-platform: Apps need to be native and functional on top platforms like iOS and Android. For example, MobiApp is an app for the Shopify store that builds a cross-platform Mobile app.

Cons of app maker

  • Fewer features: Fewer features as compared to custom coding apps. You only build apps using templates and a drag & drop interface.
  • Extra costs: Most of the app builder features are limited. For more advanced features, you need to pay extra costs.

Pros and cons: Coding

Pros of coding

  • Unlimited customization: Build a customized design and functional mobile app from custom coding to exactly what your business wants.
  • Fully control: Fully control means adding or editing app features, designing and merging to a new platform at any time.

Cons of coding

  • Takes time: Building an app from scratch takes time for custom development. You need to focus on various factors like market research, design, development platforms, and programming language and hire an experienced developer, and then the development process begins.
  • Cost-effective: Custom mobile app development is very cost-effective. Custom coding app prize depends on the functionality and platform to host your app.

Summing up

At the end of the article, it totally depends on your business. Depending on the requirements, you can go with an app maker or custom app development company that fulfils your business goals. 

MobiApp is the best no-coding mobile app builder with beautiful templates that turn the Shopify store to app. The beauty of this no-code platform is designed for making simple, seamless ecommerce apps.

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