How to make the Internet passive with URL shortening services

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Earning passive income online is not a very difficult job, especially for those who know how to make the system work and generate income from it on autopilot. At the same time, it is not a very easy job for beginners. Today, millions of internet savvy users are trying to make money from various sources on the internet. But only a small percentage of these enthusiasts can make a decent income online. Let’s discover a new idea that has developed in the last few years that can help you earn passive income online just by sharing links.

How to Earn Passive Income Online Using URL Shorteners: 

There are several URL shortening programs on the Internet today that allow users to shorten links, share them, and earn money on every click. These companies share a percentage of their revenue with users. Let’s learn more about the methods of making money with a reliable Free link shortener online.

#1 Sign up with a leading URL shortening service

There are several companies today that offer such URL shortening services. You should find a reliable company that pays out money. The commission earned per click is small, but if you know how to get a lot of traffic, you can earn decent money from these cuts. Websites that shorten URLs will earn money from advertisers and share a portion with users. If you find a good company that shares a decent percentage with users, you can earn more. Therefore, choose the company carefully, make sure that it pays high and really.

#2 Prepare a complete plan to distribute these links

Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to build as many links as possible. These links can mask YouTube videos, Facebook URLs, or anything the audience might want to see, read, or view. You must list these links and save them to your hard drive. After that, you should prepare a complete plan to share the words; You should explore places where people will wait to click on a link to explore something resourceful or interesting.

#3 Use a plan and integrate your websites with the plan

If you have a website, it will be easier for you to earn from these URL-shortening websites. You can easily convert your readers into leads and earn money from your website. You can also use links on social media websites, forums, blogs, and other websites. The more you share, the more you earn – here’s the secret to making money from URL shorteners. If one of your links earns 10 cents per month, you would need to distribute 10,000 links to earn $1,000. The plan is simple, you don’t need to build so many links overnight, take your time, stick to the plan and in two/three months you can earn decent money from your links.

Why You Should Start Your Own Online URL Shortening Business

 You are responsible not only for choosing the field and focus of your business but also for the day-to-day operations. It is no wonder that so many “future” Internet entrepreneurs choose to base their new business on proven business models. There are many online marketplaces that offer website duplicates or “clones” to the public. Whether you’re interested in a Flippa clone, selling other people’s websites, or something as simple as a product review site, choosing a proven business model will be the right decision.

Some of the newest but most profitable business sites available today are URL-shortening websites. If you don’t know what a Free URL shortener website is, it’s very simple. If you’ve ever spent time sharing links on social networks like Facebook, you’ll notice that every now and then the link you’re trying to share has an incredibly long URL. Sometimes these URLs are too long to share, and that can quickly become a problem. Some pretty smart programmers got together and came up with a solution by shortening the URLs of websites like Adfly.

You can also get in on the game by purchasing an Adfly clone

Now you may be asking how a URL shortener website like Adfly clone can make money, right? It’s quite simple: when a user visits your Adfly clone to shorten their URL, they are offered a great deal. Anyone who clicks on that user’s link will be taken to a landing page that contains ads related to the content they provide. The user can earn money from the traffic he sends to this ad, while the Adfly clone owner can also earn from the ad and the visitor is exposed or redirected to useful content related to their interests. Thus, the entire transaction is a win-win for all parties.

Not surprisingly, this business model is quite successful

One of the best features of this business model is that the website is inactive. As a website owner, the only task you are responsible for is making sure everything runs smoothly. Whether that means hiring a personal assistant to check the site periodically or simply doing it yourself is up to you. Once you have your website and marketing program in place, there is nothing else you need to do. You can literally sit back and wait for the money to come.

Whether you want to increase your income by driving more traffic to your domain or want to focus your efforts elsewhere, you can be sure that this income stream will be there.

There are various scripts or clones of other websites available online, so don’t limit yourself. If you take the time to review, and more importantly follow through, using pre-installed business models and clones is a great way to make money online.

Pros and cons of shortened URLs

With the advent of Twitter and its 140-character tweet limit, the need for URL shortening services has increased. But are there other reasons why we need access to these services? Are there any reasons not to use these services? Here are the pros and cons of using URL shortening services.


o As explained above, the main reason for using a URL shortening service is to keep Twitter under 140 characters.

o Shortened URLs can look cleaner in the body of an email than long URLs that can break when you hit send.

o It’s easier to repeat a shortened URL on the phone than a 120-character link.

o Using this service means that their links can be reused. The service can then track the traffic that used the link and provide usage statistics.

o If you’re deciding which URL shortener to use, you’ll choose one that has the ability to redirect. A redirect means that the shortening service will pass the PageRank information to the target page using a 301 redirect. This way you won’t lose your PageRank in the search engines.

o A shortener can hide links if you don’t want anyone to see the original URL. It also hides any unsightly links.

o You can brand your short links so they can include keywords to help you remember or your own brand name to share with others.


o Yes, the shortening service can hide the original link; however, it can also be bad. Phishers and spammers use this type of service all the time. Sometimes these shortened URLs contain a virus, as in the case of the 2009 Facebook virus.

o Many shortened URLs have no text that makes any user want to click on them. No one knows where the link leads, so there is nothing forcing anyone to follow it.

o If the shortening service you have been using decides to stop working for any reason, any shortened links you have created will no longer work.

o Some services don’t provide redirects and you miss out on SEO opportunities. In some cases, search engines do not recognize redirects.

o With so many phishing scams on the internet, people don’t trust shortened URLs these days.

o Some services provide or sell access to your browsing history to third parties for advertising purposes.

o Shortened URLs may look like they are redirecting


Shortening URLs can be useful for Twitter users who want to share links and can only contain 140 characters in a tweet. However, shortened URLs can be used by phishers, scammers, and spammers to steal your personal information or cause your computer to crash. Weigh the decision carefully before using URL shortening services.


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